Steficon's Greek office in the Neo Psychiko region of Athens Steficon S.A. is a global web marketing and technology agency that has the ability to manage brands digitally in the evolving internet cosmos. This means we’re set up to develop big creative ideas in the digital space, design, develop and manage complex transactional websites, realize innovative interactive marketing campaigns, even handle the media buying and CRM for your company. We have significant applied experience in the fields of Online Strategy, Information Architecture, corporate or transactional web sites, Web Content Management Systems, Web Reservations, E-commerce, Web Archives, Search Engine Marketing, Display (interactive banner) Advertising, SEO, games and mobile applications. In addition, we have significant expertise in the fields of cultural communication, artifacts digitization and web dissemination with high quality design. Steficon's London office Steficon began as the joint effort of STEFI Cine & TV productions, the oldest and biggest TV advertisements and film production company in Greece and ICON, which based in the United Kingdom, activates since 1992 in the areas of 3D computer modeling, web-based I.T. applications, multimedia and internet. We are a team of 60 people working in Athens, London, Germany, Austria, Spain and the US. We provide the following Key services: STRATEGY DESIGN MARKETING TECHNOLOGYPRODUCTION OUR PROCESS, A ROADMAP FOR SUCCESS We believe that teams perform best when they have a clear set of directions. Our seven-milestone process acts as a roadmap for your project. The result? A happy team, and really satisfied clients. The Seven Milestones: Business Strategies Great Design Innovative Technology Successful Online Branding Solutions Commitment to your Vision Commitment to our Work