As a global web marketing and technology agency, Steficon is set to manage brands digitally in the evolving internet cosmos, by offering a complete range of services targeted in refreshing your Brand presence or promoting your products on the web.
This means we’re set up to develop big creative ideas for the web, design and manage complex corporate or transactional websites, realize innovative online marketing campaigns, even handle the media planning and buying or building CRM solutions for your company.

Our expertise has allowed us to consolidate a way of thinking, analyzing, and developing, to have in place set of tools and skills to promote your website or brand on the web. We have significant applied expertise for global customers in the Tourism & Travel, Web booking, Culture, Web Archives, Shipping, Telecommunication & Technology, E-Commerce, and Automotive sectors, when it comes to online communication strategy, marketing, design and technology for the digital space.
Our online strategy engages your brand throughout the entire customer journey. This includes Brand and Market Analysis, display advertising, Viral and S.M. Marketing, SEM, even redesign of your web site, taking into account user experience, SEO, content readability and credibility. The aim is to provide the right content, the right way, the right time, in the right budget.
Effective web design blends compelling aesthetics, usability standards and advanced technologies to communicate the message and connect with the audience.
Web Marketing defines the set of interactive tools that will be used to implement the communication strategy, in a way that is appropriate for the targeted groups. Marketing activities, depending on the product and the budget, include SEM, Display Advertising, Viral Marketing, Word of Mouth, CRM and SEO, as well as media planning and buying.
In developing your website or application, we make sure state of the art technology tools are used, ensuring functionality, interactivity, performance, security and on line transactions. All these tools are incorporated in Steficon’s flagship product, CORE, a powerful, user-friendly and scalable, Web Content Management System that puts you in control of your web site. 
Steficon's 10-year expertise in various business sectors is our hidden added value for your project.  Experience is drawn from Tourism & Travel, Shipping, Automotive, Museums and Public Institutions, Web Archives, Cultural Communication, Games, Web booking, E-Commerce, Touch screens, Mobile applications and DVD-ROM projects.
Expertise and Applications include, Websites of high-standard design, E-commerce, Online advertising, SEO and SEM, Games (educational, promotional or fun), Web booking for hotels and travel agents, Touch screens, Interactive 3D presentations, web archives and DVD-ROMS (for museums, airports and shops), Artifacts, paintings and films digitization and dissemination, as well as cultural communication, web archives and web dissemination with high quality design.
Our experience has allowed us to consolidate a methodology of thinking, and working, a set of tools and skills to promote your brand that include Brand / Sector / Competition Analysis, Creation of Online Strategy, Implementation of Online Marketing Campaign, and website-design that takes into account marketing and user needs.
It includes, Content architecture, Collection and optimization of content, Wireframes, Design, XHTML slicing and Code Optimization, Content entry and testing.