Online Strategy
Internet users are busy people. They will not search for information if it is not in front of their eyes. Research (Nielsen Norman Group, Fremont, California) has shown that the average web user spends no more than 30 seconds in the home page of a web site. Also, the average bounce rate of a home page is well over 50%. This means that one in two users, the ones we have tried so hard to bring to our web page, didn’t find anything interesting in the first 30 seconds and clicked away. And what about the conversion rate of a web site? How can we increase the conversion rate of an e-commerce web site from 0.4% to 0.8%, increasing profits on the web from 3 to 6 times the media spending? The aim of a web strategy is to increase your Return on Investment on the web, by providing your target users the right content, the right way, the right time (oh yes, and in the right budget). Steficon is set to develop and implement a web strategy that will engage your brand throughout the entire customer journey.

Web beginners
If your company is making its first steps on the web, we are happy to consult you how you can benefit from the latest web offerings. This includes strengthening the image of your company on the web through a website and expanding your communication reach through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Display Advertising, Viral Marketing, Content Seeding in Social Media, blogs and portals, CRM and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Just undergone restructuring or merge
Your company may has recently undergone a major restructuring or a merge with another company. Our job will be the revision of your strategy on the web and your web site, in order to communicate the new identity of your company.

Launching a new product
Suppose your company has experience of the web, but would like to launch a new product or service, or would like to exploit the capabilities of the web in the promotion of a new brand; we’re set up to develop creative interactive ideas and implement them for you. This may include development and management a complex website or an impressive micro-site, realizing innovative interactive marketing campaigns, as well as handling the media planning and buying and CRM for your company.

Online Communication Strategy
Our Strategy report begins with analysis of your brand and definition of the target audiences and their needs. This is followed by an analysis of the market and the competition. The next step may have to be the redesign of your logo. Parts or all of your web site may need to be redesigned too, taking into account the brand analysis, user needs, browsing experience, Search Engine friendliness, readability and credibility guidelines. Promotional activities, depending on the product and the budget, may include a mix of buzzwords such as Display Advertising, SEM, Landing Page Optimization, Viral Marketing, Content Seeding in Social Media, blogs and portals, CRM, newsletter, and SEO.