Online Marketing

Web Marketing defines the set of interactive tools that will be used to realize the online communication strategy, in a way that is appropriate for the specified target groups.

Steficon is set to manage your brand throughout the entire customer journey, even handle the media planning and buying in very competitive prices. This begins with analysis of the target audiences and their needs. This is followed by an analysis of the market and the competition. Marketing activities, depending on the product and the budget, may include:

  • Sector / Competition analysis
  • Definition of target groups and their needs
  • Re-design of the web site,
  • Display Advertising, creation of banners and micro-site, media planning and buying
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Keyword (or key-phrase) Research, Analysis, Selection and Buying for your product.
  • Landing Page Optimization (LPO),
  • Viral Marketing,
  • Content Seeding in Social Media, blogs and portals,
  • CRM and newsletter,
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This includes:

    • Web Content Development – Optimization
    • HTML Code Optimization
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • Internal Linking – Sitemap
    • Search Engines Registrations
    • Website Popularity – BackLinks (Link Building Campaigns)
    • Statistics, eMetrics & Reporting