Atos Origin breaks the Grid by suiting it up with attitude

Computing consultancy giant Atos Origin, an organisation that employs over 60,000 people throughout Europe, has trusted Steficon for the re-branding of its online product Gridipedia.

Gridipedia - a joint effort of various European institutions under the co-ordination of Atos Origin- is a web site that offers independent, neutral analysis and a variety of articles to the IT community, enabling its representatives to make an informed choice when it comes to exploiting Cloud Technologies for the innovation of their enterprise.

The aim of the project was to raise awareness around the brand Gridipedia and to make it a point of reference – mainly in Europe but also worldwide – when it comes to searching for information about the state of the art on grid technologies and cloud computing. To achieve this, we created a communication strategy that aimed to promote the web site and to increase not only the number of visitors, but also the time they spend into the site and the registrations of new members.

Target groups and industries throughout Europe include: Advanced Manufacturing, CFD, Media, Financial, Retail & Logistics, Environment & E-Science, Telecommunications, Tourism & Travel, Agriculture, Medical.

Our marketing strategy concentrated in the following set of actions:

  • Re-branding of Gridipedia. This involved renaming it to “IT-Tude”, redesigning and developing the website to address user and SEO needs and re-writing the content of the home and the landing pages.
  • On line promotional activities. This includes Google Adwords campaigns and Banner advertising campaigns
  • Public Relations activities. These includes press releases and Content seeding in blogs and sites with IT orientation
  • Below the line activities. This includes organisation of and participation in conferences.

The aim of all the above actions is by June 2010 to have increased:

  • The number of Unique Visitors from 5,000 to 12,000.
  • The number of visits from 12,000 to 24,000
  • The visit duration from 5.23 to over 10 minutes
  • The back-links to the website, from 60 to over 200 per month
  • The downloading of components from 36 to over 100 per month

The first phase of the project, the rebranding of Gridipedia, is complete. The new site, called IT-Tude, can be visited at . Online promotion activities, throughout Europe, are in progress.