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We are proud to present our new corporate website. At the same time we made also a major rebranding of our corporate identity.Our new identity reflects our passion for perfection, attention to detail and creativity. We redefined the look and feel of Steficon by introducing new color elements. This entirely new color scheme aims to refresh the identity and project an image that is young, dynamic, positive, friendly and professional. The new brand is also build with sophisticated, contemporary styling, unique photos and using large text as part of the corporate identity.Our whole new look and feel transforms the original image identity and carves out a leadership position in the market with a stronger, more differentiated brand.
Over 84 Million Euro the value of E-commerce transactions in the site in the first 9 months.
Superfast ferries is the largest greek liner, operating in the Adriatic between Greece and Italy, as well as in the North (Belgium - Scotland) and Baltic Seas. Our company has undertaken the overall on-line campaign of Superfast, since May 2008. We realise four bursts per year. During the period of 30 April – 22 June 2009 the online media campaign for the promotion of Superfast Ferries spring offer took place in various portals in Italy, France and Switzerland: The campaign was seen by 1.083.684 internet users (unique users or unique impressions) in France and 3.813.036 unique users in Italy. Each user saw the banner (average frequency) 1.2 times in France and 2.6 times in Italy. The average click-through rate per unique user, in both cases, was 0,36% The media planning and buying was done by Tempo OMD Digital, which is part of Omnicom, one of the largest media groups of the world.
Vezos S.A is a company that is involved in the marine industry by manufacturing sandblasting units, airless spraying equipment, and scaling hammers. Over the years, Vezos has become the leader in providing excellence and solutions to the Greek and worldwide markets in the building construction industry as well as the marine industry. Our company has undertaken the worldwide Google Adwords campaign for Vezos S.A, targeting the following countries throughout Europe and rest of the world: Greece, Italy, France, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom. USA, Canada, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and India. In the first six months of 2009, the Google Ads campaign produced 1.444.648 impressions and 1.655 clicks to the web site of the company. The average position was 2.87 (positions from 1 to 6). The campaign had two targets: To promote the company’s products and increase trading worldwide. To develop a network of distributors, so as to introduce and provide the products throughout Europe and rest of the world. The average Click through Rate (CTR) was 1.3% and the average Cost per Click (CPC) was € 1.85.
These Christmas Steficon produced a record number of Xmas cards for its customers, including EAACi, ICON, Grecotel, Superfast, Our xmas card was a screen saver forming a Christmas tree by a set of moving particles.