Our expertise has allowed us to consolidate a methodology of thinking, analyzing, and working, a set of tools and skills to promote your brand throughout the entire customer journey. The result addresses the needs of the user as apposed to the structure of the company or the features of the product. The main steps are:

  • Explain the possibilities to the customer.
  • Brand Analysis: Understand the brand, maybe adapt logo for the web, create a Tag line.
  • Sector / Competition analysis: understand the market and the competition.
  • Identify the USP
  • Definition of target groups and their needs,
  • Creation of Online Strategy: Define target groups on the web and their needs.
  • Creation or re-design of the website, around user needs and promoting the USP.
  • On line marketing actions. These include:

    • Display Advertising: creation of banners and microsite, media planning and buying
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Keyword (or key-phrase) Research, Analysis, Selection and Buying for your product.
    • Landing Page Optimization (LPO),
    • Viral Marketing,
    • Content Seeding in Social Media, blogs and portals,
    • CRM and newsletter,
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This includes

      • Content Development – Optimization
      • HTML Code Optimization
      • Keyword Strategy.
      • Search engine spiderability assurance.
      • Template / Landing page optimization.
      • Code optimization.
      • Internal linking / Sitemap.
      • Search Engine Friendly URLs
      • Search Engines Registrations
      • External linking. Website Popularity – BackLinks (Link Building Campaigns)
      • Statistics, eMetrics & Reporting

    • E-mail marketing / CRM. This includes:

      • creation of newsletter and SMS.
      • Bulk E-mail sending to target audiences
      • Database management.

Our methodology for the design and development of a website takes into account marketing and user needs. It includes the following stages:
  • Content architecture. Creation of Sitemap. Collection of all content. Selection and processing of images and photos.
  • Wireframes of home page and all unique pages. Description of functions for each screen.
  • Content Development and Optimization, especially for home and landing pages.
  • Design of home page and all unique pages
  • XHTML slicing and XHTML Code Optimization.
  • Authoring. Creation of Divs and CSS. Flash programming (if any).
  • Data Base design and setup.
  • Connection with CORE CMS.
  • Entry of content (text, photos, videos, other) using CORE
  • Uploading of release candidate on server
  • Alpha testing: correction of programming, design or functional bugs. Checking of navigation, links, photos, content, etc.
  • Beta testing: ensure compatibility with all browsers (I.E. v.7 and v.8, Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome) and operating systems (Windows XP and Vista for PCs, Unix, Mac OS for Apple Macintosh, etc)
  • Release.