Steficon S.A. was established in 1992 in London U.K., as ICON Ltd, mainly offering CFD and computer graphics solutions for the European automotive and aerospace industry.

Its Greek operation was established in the year 2000 as a joint effort of ICON and STEFI Cine & TV productions, the oldest and biggest TV advertisements and film production company in Greece. The idea was to combine the creativity of Stefi with the IT skills of ICON, in a company that is both marketing oriented and IT proficient. Its first customer in Greece was Pegasus Publishing AE, designing and developing the ‘e-go’ portal. Several customers have followed since then, including VW, Audi, Delta, Vivartia, Alpha Bank, Marfin Bank, Superfast Ferries, Bluestar Ferries, Oteshop, National Gallery etc.

After unofficially producing a wide range of audiovisual work for its clients (corporate videos, scientific visualisations, digital museums), in 2012, Steficon established a film and audiovisual production department broadening its audiovisual output to include web series, films and documentaries, ready to play a role in the emerging medium of Web television.


  • 1992 Establishment ICON by Dr. Michael Sarantinos, in London U.K.
  • 1996 Entering multimedia and CD production in its portfolio, publishing several titles jointly with the Marshal Cavendish Publishing Co.
  • 1997 Entering web-based applications development. Its first Internet project was for Audi AG, in Ingolstadt, Germany. Since then, it provides CAE, IT and Web solutions for various companies throughout the European Continent and the US.
  • 2000 51% of ICON is bought by Pegasus Publishing, one of the biggest Media Groups in Greece.
  • 2000 Establishment of STEFICON as a mainly Greek operation, by ICON and STEFI cine & TV productions was Simon Weston,
  • 2003 Simon Weston and Michael Sarantinos buy the stake of Pegasus Publishing and become the main shareholders of ICON.
  • 2003 First public sector project of STEFICON.
  • 2006 Creation of On Line Marketing Department
  • 2008 Creation of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Departments.
  • 2012 Production of feature film «The Tree and the Swing», by Maria Douza, in collaboration with Intermedia Network Serbia and Establishement of Production Department.



The Web potential
From a rationalistic (or logical empirical as opposed to metaphysical, intuitive, aesthetic or ethical point of view) science through its applications in technology can make our lives better and happier. Today, technology and in particular the Internet, has entered all aspects of our life; Information, Education, Entertainment, Social networking, Cultural, Medical and Government applications are only some examples. Our wish is to be able to combine and integrate talent from various disciplines (designers, copywriters, educators, programmers, diet experts, archaeologists, film directors, etc.) in order to serve the increasingly new usability and applications on the web. Its not easy, but its worth the effort.

The Customer
We want to give value to the customer. Often a customer does not know how to fully benefit from the web. We are happy to explain and educate him. Often he wants to do everything, but hasn’t got the budget. In that case we will try to define the business case and maximize the Return of Investment for the given budget. Because not everything can be written in a contract, we prefer to give the benefit of the doubt to Him. After all, he is the Customer.

Our Employees
We want a creative environment for our employees. The ideal employee for us is expert and multifaceted, hardworking and social. We would like to believe that our employees improve themselves both personally and professionally, by working at Steficon.


In order to be able to constantly offer high quality products and services, STEFICON has adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) and has been certified by TUV according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. The aim of the QMS is to ensure the communication, the control of the production process and the maintenance of all necessary data that ensure quality in:

  • Provision of consultancy services
  • Development of IT and web applications
  • Provision of Interactive Marketing services (strategy, planning, realisation, media buying)

All STEFICON employees commit to the provision of services in total agreement with the customers instructions, to the expected quality standards and within their logical expectations. The management commits to full compliance of STEFICON with the QMS requirements as well as to its constant improvement.