Moto Morini

Since 1937 Moto Morini  stands for engineering excellence, extraordinary design, distinguished style, and a legendary passion for motorcycling that goes beyond technology and art.

The strong legacy of legendary motorcycles, ground-breaking, high-precision engineering in design and manufacturing, as well as personalized offerings distinguish the re-awakened Moto Morini brand. The powerful and independent character of Morini motorcycles is reflected in the brand logo: the eagle, a symbol of supremacy and the elegantly simple initials of the brand have adorned each Moto Morini model since 1937. The logo embodies the tradition-conscious promise that Moto Morini offers its discerning funs: power, performance, endurance, stability, clout, independence, elegance, distinctiveness, individuality. All Moto Morini brand values have been integrated in the Rebello, an aesthetic and engineering masterwork first introduced in 1954, which, like its predecessors, is a match for contemporary racing motorcycles.

The Morini legacy dates back to the year 1937, when the designs and constructions of Alfonso Morini found home in a small factory in Bologna. By the 1950s, Moto Morini motorcycles had turned out to be the embodiment of performance and unmatched technical aestheticism. Moto Morini’s four-stroke powerful engines and bodywork designs had a lasting impact on the style of the 1950s and beyond, becoming the dream of bike-lovers throughout Italy and Europe. Prime examples of this era are the almost invincible racing bike 175 Touring designed by Alfonso Morini, and the vanguard super-sports motorcycles Settebello and Rebello, released in 1954. Each of these unsurpassed motorcycles embodied the genius of its creator. This legacy lives on in the new Rebello, to be released in January 2012.

Franco Lambertini, the designer of Ferrari, joined Moto Morini in 1970. This was ensued by the successful launch of Corsaro in the US and the conception of a masterpiece of motorcycle engineering, the 3 ½, featuring a V-twin engine, that released high power with extremely low fuel consumption. A jewel of Italian motorcycle history, it achieved a perfect blend of art and technology,.

Yet the history of this legendary brand and its two main designers and engineers – Morini and Lambertini - goes far beyond technology and art – it is a living history of motorcycle pioneering and a new way of enjoying motoring, your way.